Sharing Your Success Story- Your dreams are your reality waiting for you to get there.

A lot of successful people are afraid to share the story of their journey with the rest of the world – reason probably being that they’re worried about how people will react to their story. So they try to downplay some of the exciting parts of their journey or hide part of their stories. You’re likely concerned that they will feel tensed about having not caught up with where you are.

Social media has recorded some controversies that make some successful people think that sharing their stories may be perceived as a vainglorious act. While there may be some atom of truth in that, there are ways to share your stories with the public without drawing negative attention or making them feel bad about themselves.

Some successful executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, etc refrain from sharing what works for them in fear that it might create competition or people copying them. However, keeping your success steps to yourself isn’t a great idea. What’s working for you today will not stop if you everyone who reads or hears your story starts doing it. What you fail to recognize is that sharing your journey and teaching others will help you learn more. You will gain more clarity about your own journey by sharing the steps. This will help you further duplicate your success.

Shouldn’t I worry about my competitors?

Your competitors won’t matter much because you have your own unique style. There are a lot of people out there who do not take action no matter how much information they consume. They’ll simply find a reason why the game plan won’t work for them. So, you might as well not give too much credit to your competitors.

Whether or not you believe it, someone’s success story has previously helped you navigate through your own journey. At some point when you were struggling in business or career, you’ve had to reach out to someone successful to read through their story. It’s good that you continue the good work of inspiring others.

Sharing your success is very necessary as it turns out to be the roadmap to all successful journeys. While reaching the pinnacle of your career is good, fit is even more significant to share the story of your struggle with the public. People are interested in knowing how you scaled from nothing, how you overcame odds and conquered the fears that they face today.

The feeling of inspiring others is powerful, and sharing your story can steer up the leadership qualities in you, ultimately putting you on a path of leadership that you won’t want to walk away from.

Sharing your story will only contribute to making the world a better place. However, the key is to share it in a way that does not make them feel less empowered, or insignificant. To do this, you would need to properly time, tailor your content and deliver accurately to ensure that they are rather inspired by your success story.

How are you sharing your story? How do you share them?

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~Connie Pheiff, Founder & Chair,