Making Obstacles Insignificant

Lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance personal development coach and keynote speaker and former professional Australian Football player (AFL). Founder and CEO of Adventure Abroad. Tom has hosted amazing events around the world for some of the biggest names and companies. What do you think about a 15-course degustation meal at the North Pole? From Athlete to Adventurer, Tom will score an experience for your attendees like never before.


  • Performance: What I Wish I knew
  • Get Going, And Then Get Good: Normal People Can do Remarkable Things
  • 10x Your Income, Impact, and Influence
  • One Million Obstacles to Success: Discover Purpose and Failure


Tom Allwright is a keynote speaker and educator who teaches people to think differently. Imagine: what if you could think and express yourself with the same single-minded energy and enthusiasm you had as a kid, and then harness it to make your goals and dreams a reality? Well, that’s what he’s about- creating a space where getting uncomfortable becomes comfortable so that you can dream big and think big, and who knows, maybe you and your company are the next big disrupters.

Coming from a small rural community in Tasmania, from where his mother would often need to drive him three hours a day just to go to training, Tom spent 15 years preparing for an AFL career before he was eventually drafted to the Geelong Cats. In just his second game, Tom would launch into a pack, like he’d done 1,000 times before and his knee would buckle. In that moment, his AFL career was over – injury would prevent him from playing anywhere near that level of sport again. Prior to creating Adventure Abroad, Tom would be in the Himalayas guiding a group in the footsteps of the world’s tallest peak, Mt Everest. People talk about moments in life, and after a series of events, he found that moment. Obstacles in his way became insignificant, and his life would never be the same.

“I fail and fail often, because until I fail I don’t know how to go any further. You can only progress by falling and scraping your knee…”

Since that moment, Tom has found an innate ability to think big, and then make things a reality. He’s hosted Fortune 500 companies, ASX Listed companies and celebrities on different events around the world. He believes normal people can do remarkable things.

Examples of event’s Tom has been involved in hosting include:

  • ✓ 15-course degustation meal at the North Pole
  • ✓ 1,000km tuk tuk race through the Himalayas with celebrities
  • ✓ Shutting down full-house AFL stadium for sport celebrities and fans to ride their bikes during an AFL game

The failures in his life have ultimately turned him into the person he is today, hosting extraordinary events around the world and teaching others how to make all the obstacles in the way of their dreams and goals insignificant.

“Tom has taught our team to use failure as a means for discovery when managing large-scale projects. He’s been a great asset during COVID-19 with our management team and changing the way they think.”

The challenge is to seek failure striving for something you’re unsure that you can achieve. Audiences will learn about why it’s so important to fail and if their destination is as strong as they say, they’ll find new ways to achieve success. Tom exposes attendees to his toolkit for managing situations.

Caltex, Lululemon, Knight Frank, Gresham, The Hutchins School, Intrepid Travel and many more.


Rapha, Knight Frank, Mercedes-Benz Brighton, Intrepid, Movember, Quintessentially, BMW, Coles, TEDx Melbourne.


All for fun, and in his spare time, Tom trains for Ironman Competition.

Tom was drafted to the team he barracked for as a child. In his locker was a photo of him as a child with Gary Ablett (his idol), who eventually became one of Tom’s teammates. After playing for the AFL, Tom completed the New York Marathon 5 times and has completed 2 Ironman races around the world.


Sydney Australia

TOM ALLWRIGHT is available for public appearances and as your next Corporate or Association conference Keynote Speaker.