Sustaining Post-Event Momentum

So much time and energy are put into planning events, leading to post-event hype and a good turn-up, but not many people focus on sustaining that hype when the event is over. Imagine that you could keep the momentum of your just concluded event going on for quite a while. Wouldn’t that set you up for your next event?  Now, we’ll explore some exciting strategies you could apply to sustain post-event momentum:

Share highlights on Social Media

Surely your event had highlights and key takeaways. Now is the time to utilize your brand’s social media handle to re-live those moments. They can come in the form of pictures or videos. Start by posting a photo album on your Facebook/Instagram handle, and subsequently one-off captioned pictures. Using hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday or those related to your event will make them more engaging. If you recorded your event on video, you can edit it into short highlights and post them on social media as well.

Since some of your event attendees do not follow you on social media yet, it will be ideal to send a follow-up email in your newsletter with links to your photo album/videos. Highlight your favorite moments from the event and encourage your attendees to do the same. This doesn’t just keep the fun going but helps you drive sales ahead of your next event.

Host a Q&A session

This is a very good way to ensure that your audience gets maximum value from your event. There’s a high chance some of your participants left with unanswered questions even though you gave room for questions to be asked at the end of the session. It could be that the concepts took time to sink enough for them to have questions, or they simply found the environment too intimidating to ask certain questions.

They are a few ways to host a Q&A. In the case of smaller events with 2-4 speakers, you could host a webinar to answer participant questions in real-time. However, if it was a large event with different sessions and speakers, the participants may need to submit their questions identifying which facilitator the question should be addressed to. As the organizer, it is your duty to reach out and have the facilitators provide answers to the participants’ questions, after which you release it as a formal Q&A on your blog or as a newsletter. A Q&A session outside the event will make your audience know you are willing to provide answers and clarify any issues they may have, ultimately boosting your brand.

Help participants apply what they learned

Your participants have other things to do. So it’s easy for them to forget how or why they should actualize what they learned from your event. To help them learn how to apply what they’ve learned in real-time, you can organize mini-sessions, professional coaching sessions over the phone or in person on a monthly basis. You can send out emails including certain tools, step-by-step guide that will help them apply what the lessons. Going this extra mile will make your event stand out from that of others.

It is important to stay in touch with your participants post-event as this will help strengthen the relationship and improve your brand/business credibility overall.

How do you keep the momentum going? Do you have some great strategies of your own when searching for the ideal talent – how do you implement them?

Let us know in the comments.

~Connie Pheiff, Founder & Chair,