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Whether it’s business, military, or sports – when you play with Stephen Long winning is the objective.
I worked with Dr. Long when I was racing personal watercraft professionally. The year I started working with him I won the World Title. When you work with Dr. Long you get results. His work made a profound difference in my athletic and my professional career. ~Women’s Jet Ski, World Champion


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As founder and president of Motere Consulting, Dr. Stephen Long applies an educative, rather than rehabilitative consulting model resulting in an average of 115% financial performance improvement for his clients with a zero failure rate. Through his work with exceptional leaders, champion athletes, fighter pilots, military special operations personnel, top salespeople, high producers and corporate executives, Dr. Long has helped permanently raise productivity from adequate to outstanding. Applying his strategies and techniques, Dr. Long has helped a variety of companies realize a significant increase in performance through strategic execution specifically management succession, turnarounds, performance plateaus and change management practices.

A risk management expert in human capital and a primary source, Dr. Long built a statistical model of human performance and leadership that immediately enhances an organization’s productivity and efficiency. Dr. Long’s 30-years of experience and expertise has earned him a reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in performance psychology. Armed with a legacy of success from a broad array of industries, Dr. Long’s expertise in behavior change, psychometrics and performance belief systems equips clients with the skills that are neglected by other consulting firms, leaving executives with temporary improvement rather than the long-term success they require. Dr. Long’s strategies provide rapid improvements followed by long-term success.

A leader in practical applications of strategic execution, Dr. Long has consulted with 26 championship teams on the conference, national and international levels. He has developed over 30 college All-American and all-conference athletes, a state champion, four Conference Player of the Year athletes, and Heisman Trophy finalist, a world champion and an NFL’s most valuable player. Dr. Long has consulted with several major college football programs as well as the United States Olympic Committee. He applies his proprietary model to the business world with equal success.

Identified as one of the north America’s top 10 performance psychology consultants by an independent study conducted at the University of Utah, Dr. Long is a highly sought after speaker by Fortune 1000 firms, mid-size companies, collegiate & professional sports teams, sales organizations and non-profits. His articles have appeared in dozens of magazines read by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Dr. Long began his career as a college football coach at the University of Virginia and the University of Delaware. He earned his PhD from the University of Kansas where he was honored as the Most Outstanding Doctoral Student. Formerly the Head of Performance Psychology within the Human Performance Lab at the US Air Force Academy and the Director of the KYU Peak Performance Clinic, Dr. Long builds a performance enhancement model by conducting research and developing applications for high performance, strategic execution, choking under pressure and performance plateaus. In his free time, Dr. Long enjoys fly fishing, competes as a Master’s swimmer and is an accomplished marathoner.

Stephen will challenge your audience…

That when you Grow Confidence = Grow Results.


From the US Air Force to Private Equity, Professional Services, Finance, Hi-Tech, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, Military, Collegiate and Professional Sports.


Dr. Long has written three books, which can be downloaded free of charge at In addition to numerous articles.

The Impostors: Stories of Leadership Transformation, Vol 1 – The Incumbent

Long on Leadership: How Human Nature Determines Character, Change, Creativity, Culture and Crisis


GOLD! Mastering the Psychology of Execution


Performance and leadership have always been primary components of his life. He was a good, not a great, high school football player where he was an all-conference and all-county player in New Jersey. He walked on to the University of Delaware football program where he was a member of a national championship team. He began his career as a college football coach at the University of Virginia and the University of Delaware. His life changed when he arrived in Charlottesville when he was informed he was to be in charge of the statistical analyses of his team and their opponents tendencies followed by being instructed to meet with Dr. Bob Rotella, the Performance Psychology program director where he earned his master’s degree. Unbeknownst to him at the time, those two disciplines would shape his career. All told, he has played, coached and consulted with 26 teams that won world, national and conference championships. He learned sports has a natural tendency of untangling luck from skill and talent that is quantitatively measured. He’s taken those lessons and applied them to a wide range of industries by helping leaders achieve goals and execute strategy consistently more by their skill and talent and less on luck.


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