If there’s one thing that will allow you to demand big dollars and scale your speaking business, it’s your website.

If you look at the great speakers today they have websites that POP! Websites that say who they are and immediately say they demand high fees.

The most asked question we get is how often will I get booked to speak?The simple answer is as often as you want. The difficulty is getting you five-star worthy to step on the big-stage. That starts with a clear message and branding that tells a story… your story of how you will help the audience change, be inspired or motivated to do something different – to take action and increase their performance in life, both personally and professionally.

I can guarantee 99.9% of the time an event planner will hear about you from a referral or they see you speak at an event. Then they go searching to learn more about you. They will contact Talent Concierge and speak with other event planners. Finally, they go to your website.

When a meeting planner is looking for an outstanding speaker, your website tells your story. They will visit your site to see if you are worthy.

Unfortunately, most speakers don’t fall into this category where their entire speaking business is run off referrals. And even these speakers will see a huge decline in their gigs if they don’t keep up with the times and consistently market themselves.

You need to build your speaker website in a way that gets you booked.

When times are slim, speakers will eliminate marketing first thing, and that is the worst strategy you can do for any business.

Speakers will ask, should I have an all-in-one site or a site specifically for my speaking business? Thishas been long debated. In my twelve-years as a professional speaker I found that when I invested in creating a speaker-only site, business boomed. My message was clear and the site wasn’t cluttered. You can always link your speaker site to your blog and products page.

…If you want to charge $20,000+ to speak, you have to look like a $20,000+ speaker.
Event planners will pay you high speaking fees when you look the part. Let’s be honest, we are judged by the way we look; our hair, our clothes, manicured nails, and amazing website.

I still have the book Dress for Success on my bookshelf. My mother gave it to me when I was first starting in my corporate career. Dressing for the role you want is fundamental to your success. If you’re working in the Tech Industry, Steve Jobs set tone making it a jeans and t-shirt dress code. If it’s corporate, well you know the drill. You want your website to reflect who you are and what you will deliver to the conference.

I dare you to ‘test’ your site. Ask someone who does not know what you talk about, to check out your site, a quick glance, and respond to these questions.

  1. What do I talk about?
  2. Is my site professional and reflects what I talk about?
  3. Does my site reflect that I am a high paid speaker?

When someone goes to your site the first thing they should see is you speaking, organizations you spoke for, and resources about you for the event planner to download.

Yes, download! In most cases the event planner is not the decision maker, so you want to provide them your information to share with their committee. That is how your page on Talent Concierge is organized. We have your information readily available for the event planner to gain access and share with their committee.

Here are a few well themed websites:
David Avrin: https://www.visibilityinternational.com
Connie Podesta: https://conniepodesta.com
Taylor Conroy: https://tayloraconroy.com
Willie Jolly: https://www.williejolley.com

If you’re just building your speaking business, not to worry, you will get there. The fees you demand are all relevant to your skills, your message, your marketing platform, and how good you look.

How bad do you want it? Do you have goals? How are you reaching your goals? – how are you implementing them?

Let us know in the comments.

~Connie Pheiff, Founder & Chair, TalentConcierge.co
#Unstoppable Together