Using a disciplined discovery process, we begin by asking questions – getting to know you personally and professionally.

These are critical components of the framework for creating a positive experience at every touchpoint. The discovery begins with an assessment, a reality check of your brand, image, and professionalism of your marketing assets.

This step cannot be overlooked not matter the size of the challenge faced. Decisions can then be made based on rational thought processes. More often traditional practices or positions are challenged and very often “aha’s” occur.

discovery answers the question. Through the discovery process, which is laid out in our VIP Masters Class, we diagnose your promise with clarity and focus. Then you are able to effectively create professional marketing collateral that sells the whole package… YOU! Do you ever wonder why others are getting the gigs and not you? 

The answers will become clear, even obvious because discovery has revealed this answer for you. Time to design and implement the strategy to get you to where you want to be.

discovery continues to information diagnosis. The assessment phase of the process is complete, and data has been amassed. The information diagnosis provides a framework for moving forward. This becomes in essence your masterplan. So much of what we do is trusting the process and doing it messy. We have so many blind spots that keep us from getting what we want. The diagnosis will help get you there. The outcome of the expectations is now realistic and measurable.


Talent Concierge® is a full-service artists agency. Our personalized approach benefits high performers as they scale across multiple disciplines and platforms. We begin with coaching the ultimate entrepreneur to become today’s top entertaining storyteller by training them on how to create business opportunities with million-dollar results. 

Each of our Talent begins with a discovery meeting. Each must attend our VIP Masters Class where our Talent receive coaching for creating an evergreen lifestyle business. This includes an intensive business strategy session to get clear on messaging and setting realistic and measurable outcomes. 

Next, the branding team will thoroughly review the Talents marketing collateral and make recommendations for improvements (if needed) for marketability, goals, and objectives as set by our agency based on industry standards. Each element of our Talent’s checklist is completed to ensure success. Talent Concierge® takes our work seriously and therefore have a non-refundable policy. We will work as hard(er) as the Talent. 

From there, we provide a customized list of ideal business sectors, associations, and venues to begin the development of a custom proposal. We also include sample proposals, sales scripts, agreements, contracts, any specific needs, and video trainings. Everything you need to begin to submit your gig proposals.  

Talent Concierge® is in the business to create opportunities with million-dollar results. When our Talent take center stage our team is ready and willing to step in when and where needed- ensuring the care of our Talent objectives are met- ensuing the best event ever. Our motto is to be the easiest agency to work with EVER! 

World Class Talent love what we do – keeping up with the latest innovative trends and inviting forward thinkers to share their wisdom inside our private conversations.   

Every step builds on itself. Our founder has coached more people that she can count to master money. You are next. We don’t coach you to speak, we coach you to use your speaking platform to make millions. Are you in?