Rabbi Pinchas Taylor

That’s My Rabbi…

Rabbi Pinchas is America’s Rabbi...

His world mission Is to be a light unto the nations, a non-judgmental personal trainer for the soul, uniquely transforming abstract and ancient Jewish wisdom into practical life-enhancing guidance while impacting the culture. With everyone cheering, “That’s my Rabbi”

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  • The Mechanics of Positive Thinking: Examining from a contemporary and spiritual perspective, how positive thinking works, and practical tips in making it work for you
    Take-a-way: Experience a clear workable paradigm shift to change your thinking.
  • Secrets of the You-niverse: A dynamic realization as to how happiness and purpose are inextricably bound.
    Take-a-way: Learn the 5-steps to pinpointing your unique purpose in your life.
  • Living with Miracles: A radical redefinition of how we view miracles and how to crate them in our life.
  • Faith meets Patriotism: The nuclear family, God, and National pride are a holy trinity of the American identity. Learn what would happen if a generation gave up on all three.


Rabbi Pinchas Taylor is the founder of the ARK, a non-denominational Torah learning program. In addition to growing this large subscription-based coaching/study program and has spoken across the globe in a wide variety of venues. He hosts a weekly session for his local community on addiction recovery. He also serves as a hospice chaplain for the county and teaches Jewish Thought at a women’s seminary for higher learning.

Rabbi is the creator and host of “Taylor Talks” Rabbi’s signature talk show interviewing celebrity guests, athletes and other public figures who provide inspiration as well as promotes universal values and themes. Many of Rabbi’s interviews have been featured on nationally syndicated cable networks. In addition to his work Rabbi consistently appears on the Connie Pheiff Show and many others.

Rabbi Pinchas is an active member of many scriptural organizations, in addition to his certifications that include the American Counseling Association, Association for Conflict Resolution, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, Clinical Trauma Specialist and numerous associations devoted to empowerment. He is admitted to practice after graduating from the Rabbinical College of America and is known as America’s Rabbi.

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Born and raised in Plantation, Florida, Rabbi Pinchas was always at the top of his class. He is one of 2 children in his family, and was involved in Boy Scouting in my youth, and became an observant Jew at age 15 after deciding that he wanted to become a rabbi, and never looked back. Graduating from the Rabbinical College of America, and have initiated outreach projects in Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, and overseas in Russia and Greece.

Rabbi Pinchas augmented his religious education with studies in other religions of the world, esoteric studies and practices, philosophies and phycological systems. While staying faithful to his Orthodox Torah origins, Rabbi Pinchas expanded the ARK teachings to meet the needs of an ever-widening audience.

Rabbi Pinchas is married with 6 children, thank God.

Currently, Rabbi is the Director of Adult Education and Outreach at the Chabad of Plantation. His lecture series is delivered to dozens of people in person each week. Rabbi has a prolific online following in the tens of the thousands.

Rabbi Pinchas is regularly invited to speak to both biblical and other corporate forums across the country. His lecture topics are diverse, and include life altering techniques to tap into exactly what holds us back from accomplishing what it is we want. The audience experiences breakthrough moments empowering them to be their best self.

In Biblical, and later Judaic and Kabbalistic literature, there is a long-documented record of encounters with entities not of this Earth. Rabbi Pinchas explores the ancient legends about angels and demons, as well as modern legends about aliens, and UFOs.

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With a vision to walk with 100M people to weave their talents, passions, life circumstances, and past experiences into their God-given purpose. People of all backgrounds will enhance their connection with their spiritual selves and say, "That's my Rabbi!"

College: Rabbinical College of America

Awards & Certifications:
American Counseling Association, Association for Conflict Resolution, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner
Clinical Trauma Specialist, Governor of Florida, Faith & Community Advisory Board.

Rabbi Pinchas will challenge your audience…

With his spiritual oriented background influences the vibe of his talks.

Conference attendees are challenges to

  • Rethink their current worldview in ways they have never thought
  • Experience a life of depended on well-being
  • Learn daily tools to practice achieving that sense of achievement

Pillars of Faith: Is it reasonable to believe in God? How do we reconcile Biblical ideas with contemporary science and history? How can any modern intelligent person believe in the messianic era or resurrection of the dead? In this remarkable work, Jewish belief is explained clearly and logically, for both the beginner and scholar, using a wide variety of both ancient and modern sources.

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Jewish Guide to the Mysterious: Throughout various periods of history and various cultures and societies, people have been interested in the mysterious and the paranormal. This yearning is rooted in the soul's search for true spirituality. A Jewish Guide to the Mysterious clearly explains classic Torah views on intriguing phenomena, such as dreams, astrology, time travel, alien life, reincarnation, ESP and auras, angels, demons, ghosts, and even such topics as the lost city of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. Read this fascinating book and be amazed.


Pizza with a Rabbi: New York Times bestselling Author Robert Shemin combines forces with Rabbi Pinchas Taylor to shed light into some of the common Orthodox Jewish Religious practices! This fun and contemporary peek into an ancient tradition translates what for many of onlookers appears strange and sometimes even oppressive. Jewish born, but non-religious Shemin ponders what many of us have been wondering but have been afraid to ask! Laced with humor and snappy examples this must-read book is entertaining as well as informative! Dive into a fun translation of ancient traditions!


Rabbi Pinchas is an avid boater and water sports enthusiast


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

RABBI PINCHAS TAYLOR is available for Fundraising Events, Keynote Speaker, and Authority in Metaphysical Theory & Paranormal

Expert in Ancient Hebrew Mysticism and the Paranormal