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“Your message was priceless and truly touched so many of our employees. Your personal experiences, expressive personality, and vibrant delivery truly made the presentation one-of-a-kind and memorable.”

– S. Beatty, Washington Mutual Bank


  • Building Resiliency to Increase Productivity
  • Walking Tall: Heightening Confidence, Resiliency & Optimism Amid Adversity
  • Stand UP! Step UP! Speak UP! Empowering yourself to be heard and respected
  • Empathy – Your Next Superpower
  • Resolving Conflict with Ease: The Gift of Non-Violent Communication


Peggy O’Neill is an award-winning keynote speaker; a Resiliency Expert and an Inclusion and Empowerment Strategist. Over the past 15 years, she has been working as a corporate diversity trainer, keynote speaker, coach, and is the author of 6 books.. Her message continues to inspire delivering powerful positive change in corporations and in women’s groups across the US with her unforgettable, dynamic, and humorous keynote speeches and trainings.

Peggy weaves together the wisdom from her three certifications in psychotherapy with the insights from grappling with and overcoming many challenges to inform, elevate and inspire audience members to up-level their skills in resiliency, inclusion, empathy, conflict resolution, and personal empowerment.

Featured on the cover of Speaker Magazine, Peggy is also a contributing teacher in the films The Opus, and Tapping the Source. Additionally, Peggy has inspired over 100,000 young students, offering anti-bullying and self-esteem programs.

Happily, Peggy brings real solutions to audience members and their hosting organizations. She celebrates her daily life in Ojai, CA, a small town just around the corner from Santa Barbara.

A Special Note from Peggy…

My story–

Hi, I’m Peggy. As an adult standing 3 feet 8 inches, my life has been quite unique- a whirlwind of challenges, adventure, unusual opportunities and breakthroughs. The first half of my life was pretty much a downward spiral. By my early 30’s I thought it’s just too painful to go on.

Things changed, however, when I discovered that my challenges were actually serving me to become a bigger,

better person. Leaning to triumph over many of the difficulties life had dealt me really turned things around for me, and I began dreaming into a different future.

Coming from the field of psychotherapy, I shifted my work to professional speaking. Life quickly got very big and incredibly wonderful! New people, new places, new experiences and lots of standing ovations.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve shared my expertise with hundreds of thousands of people, individually and in groups, teaching them how to rebound from their difficulties, so they too can triumph.

I love my work! I love interacting with people, seeing them light up and transform in response to new ideas and behaviors that change their lives and businesses from the inside out! My passion really lies in waking up my own innate greatness and helping others awaken their greatness as well!

Peggy will challenge your audience

Peggy will challenge your audience to breakthrough whatever is holding them back- in their performance, leadership, relationships, work, creativity … She will inspire them to awaken their innate greatness and be a whole human being, fulfilling their potential.


Peggy has presented to prominent organizations such as FEMA, Chase Bank, Diversity Works, Texaco, United Way, Cal State San Bernardino, Marriott of London, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lucent Technologies, Ball Aerospace, Lockhead   Martin and many others.


Peggy is the author of six-books. Her latest book, Spring Back: 5 Secrets to Building Resiliency.


She might be small, but she is mighty. From swimming with the dolphins, scuba diving, scaling towers of might, or paragliding, Peggy is centered with the one thing she embodies – expression and enjoyment of her true nature. Throughout her journey, she  discovered many tools, techniques, balms and medicines. But the one thing that provided consistent, lasting, escalating results was learning to access her inner resources, her True Nature, her Essence.


Santa Barbara, CA

PEGGY O’NEILL is available for public appearances, Fundraising events, autograph signings, keynote speaker, and influencer endorsements.