Mark Worster

Fitness Fanatic . Motivational Speaker . Cannabis Educator

Medical Practitioner, Leader in the Cannabis Education Space

  • Chairman of the Board, $20mm Health Services Agency
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Leads the largest global community of empowered health care Professionals
  • Leader in the Cannabis Education space; achieving his Master of Science, and Degree in Cannabis Science & Therapeutics
  • U.S. Marine


  • Wellness & Health: Mindfulness, Holistic Health & Spirituality
  • Women’s Empowerment | Women in Business | Women in Leadership
  • Entrepreneurism & Business Growth
  • Cannabis – History, Human Body and Its Uses




While his true passion is helping people make their lives easier, decrease stress, personal empowerment, and build a business that allows you to do what you love to do most with the people you love most, he also helps you live a healthy lifestyle. He is an entrepreneur, leader, fitness fanatic, and healthcare professional – Mark brings a passion and joy for living to everything he does. From Chairman of the Board of a $20mm health services agency to Certified Yoga Instructor. Mark has accumulated an impressive array of diverse experiences. Known for his charismatic, high energy approach to leadership. Mark has led many groups to successful completion of their missions. Mark’s latest endeavor, nurseMARK, is the largest global community of empowered healthcare professionals dedicated to powerful living. Through this community they are collectively changing the world of healthcare. In addition, Mark is a leader in the cannabis education space educating people about the beneficial use of cannabis as a medicine. Currently he is working toward earning his Masters of Science, Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Degree from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

Why Hire nurseMARK to speak at your next event?

  • He delivers a message to change the world in a positive way by empowering healthcare providers to live a POWERFUL LIFE and, having experienced transformation, sharing it with all those around them.
  • Simply, Mark empowers his audience to live a life they create for themselves with purpose.
  • Your attendees will learn the key elements of building their own personalized system for healthy living.
  • Imagine your attendees learning how to implement key concepts such as mindset, values, focus, resilience and true accountability in actionable and measurable ways.

Mark will challenge your audience…

Mark will challenge your attendees to imagine no one is in charge of you… it’s all you all the time


Book Release Fall 2020 (publisher secured)


Mark is also musically talented. For fun he loves to sing. He sang with symphony at the age of 34 and recorded at the Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory of Music. He has also been known to have done some voice acting.


Boston, MA

MARK WORSTER is available for public appearances, Master of Ceremonies, Fundraising events, and Keynote speaking.