Dylan Slattery

One of the youngest high-performance coaches in the world thanks to his faith, family, and two-time cancer survivor before the age of 27, including a stage four diagnosis with less than 15 percent chance of living.



  • Be a CURE
  • How Will You be Remembered – Living out your Legacy
  • Creating a Championship Culture
  • Break the Chains:  Relying on faith in the face of fear and using pain to discover your purpose combined with discipline to unlock your greatness



One of the youngest high-performance coaches in the world thanks to his faith, family, and two-time cancer survivor before the age of 27, including a stage four diagnosis with less than 15 percent chance of living.  Then depression, suicide, and PTSD like symptoms set in when losing his classmate and friend in an auto accident. Then losing 60 pounds in 18 months. Cancer gave this young man something to fight for at a time when it seemed life wasn’t worth fighting for. Naturally, the world wondered how such a paradigm of health and wellness could experience something so adverse to his lifestyle. As it turns out, it came as a result of genetics – something no one can change – but it nevertheless served as a wake-up call.

Dylan found freedom being restrained to a hospital bed for 24-hours a day. Through the unconditional love of his family and friends he found the strength and resilience to fight the good fight.

Despite his challenges, he chose to flip the script and see his adversity as a gift  –  sharing his story that has inspired thousands of people around the world.

Since 2016, his powerful message is helping every one of us learn that we can choose to Be a Cure, has been heard at live events from corporate audiences, athletic training camps, to association fundraisers. Dylan has presented at hospitals, universities, corporations, and Healthcare groups. He has shared the stage with major sports personalities and business industrialists, in addition to online videos with thousands of views. Dylan has appeared on everything from the The Daily Iowan to a live appearance Katie Couric and Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly. Merck Pharmaceuticals produced an online feature on his Cancer survival called, Your Cancer Game Plan.

He continues to be an advocate for fighting for a cancer cure and participating in events such as the Haymakers for Hope Rumble in the Rockies, where he will step into the boxing ring to knock out cancer.

His international Podcast, Stage Four 2 On Stage, has captured the hearts and minds of thousands from around the world. Dylan has interviewed celebrities from NYT bestselling authors to the unknown Rwandan Genocide survivor. He has been featured in Thrive Global and the focus of numerous publications and receives interview requests in the melanoma, mental health, and personal development space. A coach by nature, a mental health advocate by training, and lover of all things baseball.

His book and training programs are in development and scheduled to launch early 2020.

Two-time cancer survivor, mental health struggles, and substance abuse has taught Dylan about the process to overcoming diversity and growing through it. Dylan believes “adversity is a universal experience that can not only UNITE us, but TRANSFORM us into the people and organizations that we were called and created to be.

Dylan is best suited for sales kickoffs, sports team training camps, medical, insurance, and financial services industry.

Dylan will challenge your audience…

Dylan learned there is a system of overcoming and it’s much like using a GPS, before is of any use at all – each team member must take ownership of their place on the team and decide to commit to their personal vision and the vision of the team; take action to get the team moving forward and never let pride or ego get in the way of recalculating when roadblocks come up.

Be the Cure

Culture built on:

Courage – To create a lasting impact, we have to dream big, even when the odds are against us.  When we flip the script and lead with belief, less than 15% chance will soon mean possibility and rock bottom will be the place in which we build the foundation to propel us to excellence.

Unconditional Love – We are more than our title or our sales numbers. Seeing those around us a from a place of love can take your team to new heights

Resilience – The power to reframe is everything. Adversity will hit us as teams and individuals. Are you prepared with a mindset of seeing adversity as on the way instead of in the way?

Evolve – A willingness to evolve in a world that’s constantly changing. How we have always done things has certainly got us to where we are, but a willingness to change the approach can make all the difference in transforming your team into a tribe and taking your organization to new heights.


Katie Couric, Masters of Talent, Showcase, Thrive Global, and Daily Iowan, Zoarc Podcast, First Descents Annual Ball


Book Release Spring 2020


Dylan is the biggest Cubs Fan you will ever meet. Dylan has climbed 9 14ers – mountains with a summit above 14,000 ft in elevation. Dylan is one of 41 grandkids on his mother’s side. Dylan helped coach his high school alma mater to three state title appearances while battling stage four melanoma.


Denver, CO

DYLAN SLATTERY is available for Public Appearances, Fundraising Events, Keynote Speaking, Workshops, and Training Programs.