Billee Howard

Future of Marketing | Customer Understanding (CX) | Emotional Intelligence

Referring to Billee Howard as a thought leader only scratches the surface of her strength.

Billee is a big thinker with a laser focus on applying her talents to understanding what the right mix of creativity + science + technology looks like as the future of marketing and customer experience unfolds.

She is a marketing insider at the forefront of the shift in consumer behavior both inside and out of an organization.


  • Emotional intelligence powered by AI
  • The future of CX
  • The future of marketing/insights
  • How neuroscience will impact business



Billee Howard is Founder + CEO of BRANDthro. She has a strategic vision around why customer experience is the new battle ground and improved emotional intelligence is the number one catalyst for growth and improved business performance. She is also the CSO of PROXI, the company’s neuro platform, which aims to be the world’s most valuable dataset related to helping brand’s optimize eQ within CX.

Billee has a 20 plus year track record of positioning brands as world class innovators that transcend their respective industries to embody best-in-class business leadership. Critical to her success has been a long standing legacy of working with the C-Suite to use cultural insights to inform and direct the future of business and brand.

Beginning her career as Press Secretary for the President of the Philippines and his cabinet at the age of 22, Billee developed a global market perspective from early on, and understood that the third world would not be third much longer. Switching from politics to business with a focus on how CEO’s can drive culture, she joined Shandwick at age 25, and launched their National Financial Media Group.

When Weber bought Shandwick, making Weber Shandwick the largest PR firm in the world, Billee was named EVP, and founded their Global Strategic Media Group, handling storytelling efforts across the world for leading brands such as DreamWorks, Fast Company, Samsung, PepsiCo and MasterCard. Billee later landed Faith Popcorn as a client, and becoming immersed in Popcorn’s innovative cultural approach to business, she pioneered a strategic alliance with Brain Reserve to leverage futurism in global PR campaigns.

Billee has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called WE-Commerce. She is an active contributor on the Forbes CMO network where she instigates conversations with the C-Suite to uncover the emerging trends facing the future of marketing, communications and customer advocacy. Her Ask the CMO and Brand Alchemy columns are must reads for senior leadership at today’s top companies who are seeking the right mix of algorithmic brand and human touch. She is also an influencer and futurist for IBM.

Billee will challenge your audience…
  • To imaging the rising need for emotional intelligence in today’s challenging and uncertain times.
  • How critical emotional layer to it will help brands create 1:1 commercial intimacy at scale.
  • To understand marketing in its future essence of neuroscience, which will toxin every aspect of business in some way over the next five years.


WE-Commerce, dedicated to the study of the sharing economy


Billee has the musical tastes of a 70 year old man. She loves the Doors and the Grateful Dead. The three men who have most influenced me are Jim Morrison, Andy Warhol, and Steve Jobs.


New York, NY

BILLEE HOWARD is available for Corporate engagements as your Keynote Speaker. Also available for autograph signings, and endorsements.