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Imagine if you knew the secret of what leaders do that others don’t. Every wonder where their strength comes from? That secret that helps you live with Authority Through Authenticity.



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Imagine if you knew the secret of what leaders do that others don’t. Every wonder where their strength comes from? That secret that helps you live with Authority Through Authenticity.

In her globally praised Goalcast talk, Should You Trust The Voice Inside Of You?, writer, entrepreneur, and social media influencer AdaPia d’Errico introduces the world to the Journey to Freedom. Over 30,000,000 views and shared over 200,000 times on Facebook. AdaPia continues to receive dozens of messages from men and women around the world saying, “thank you”, “I thought I was alone” or “I carried so much shame” or “your story set me free”.

Humbly, she knew that this video wasn’t about her. It was about a bigger message – we are all suffering under the weight of what we think others expect from us. We need to stop living for others, seeking external validation, and dismissing our inner voice that is telling us to honor ourselves. When we are strong in knowing who we are, we are strong for more than ourselves; we are strong for others, empowering them to be themselves and make better decisions. AdaPia is passionate about walking her talk, showing there is great strength in vulnerability, and that a new model of real and raw leadership is needed. A model she refers to as authority through authenticity.

AdaPia has spoken, presented or been a panelist on dozens of FinTech and real estate industry panels over her career. She is a well-known and well-respected female executive in the financial technology space since 2014. Her work is helping to launch real estate crowdfunding as the JOBS Act created new opportunities for founders to access capital for entrepreneurial ventures; for non-professional investors to become angel investors and fund the next wave of small businesses and potentially groundbreaking companies.

AdaPia is an advocate for connecting with other professional women, a sisterhood, to create a lasting bond and relationships. She believes that when women support each other, the drive forward towards the overall mission to bring more equality and opportunity to all women, everywhere. Without the community of women who’ve supported her during her entrepreneurial and personal journey, she is forever in their gratitude.

Part of her personal creative expression is through artful communication. She delivers impactful and transformational speeches on the mainstage and through her spoken word as host of her podcast – Real Wealth Real Health. AdaPia is also a prolific writer about self-mastery, personal empowerment and life’s journey on her blog. In addition, AdaPia is host of a monthly women’s circle where the participants connect with each other in an open, authentic, heartfelt way. She remains humbled by the transformation and she will daresay magical, and sacred depth of connections and deep healing that occurs in the circle.

Why Hire AdaPia to speak at your next event? 

  • Your attendees will walk out of this experience feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take action.
  • She is self-mastery in action. Sharing the tools and practices for a direct connection to your source of strength, power, and clarity; your highest potential – at your command.
  • Your attendees will be empowered and encouraged to honor and respect one another’s diversity and unique qualities of successful teams and organizations. Imagine experiencing massive shifts that uplift and encourage diversity.

AdaPia will challenge your audience…

  • To create deep, authentic connections amongst the leadership team to skyrocket collaboration.
  • Be a sisterhood with the new model to advance women in the workplace – and in life. Women empowering women is a tide that lifts morale, confidence, and performance for everyone.
  • Look within with the same honesty, truth-seeking and truth telling that we seek for ourselves


Masters of Talent Showcase, Truthtellers, Women of Strength Conference, AlphaFlow and more.


Journey Home to the Soul


Los Angeles, CA


AdaPia has lived in 5 countries, speaks 3 languages, and has ‘cured’ herself of an otherwise incurable auto-immune disorder called Crohn’s disease. She overcomes challenges with pizazz and finesse. She practices Yoga, rescues dogs and plants.

ADAPIA D’ERRICO is available for Mainstage Keynote Engagements and Fundraising Events