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One of the most challenging aspects of hiring great talent is to clearly define who fits perfectly and who can deliver an unstoppable experience for your audience. Our Founder and CEO has been on both sides from an international speaker to hiring big talent during her years at the US Chamber of Commerce and CEO, Girl Scouts Penn’s Woods Council. Under her leadership the Talent Concierge team combined has many years of working with our talent to help event professionals like you select the right talent for your next event.

The diversity of talent that exist in today’s marketplace can be overwhelming that it’s hard to keep up with the most relevant talent and the booking fees, well that we can agree is a monumental task. If you don’t hire the right talent for your next event, it could be akin to the Titanic sinking.

Talent Concierge has developed a state of the art, strategic database, along with our team of dedicated agents who will facilitate a seamless and efficient process selecting the right talent for your next event, TV or Streaming Radio interview, and endorsement.

Whether you work for a global brand, National Association, or just looking to motivate your sales team we have you covered. Talent Concierge connects you with 10k talent and beyond. If you don’t see who or what you’re looking for in our database, let us know. Chances are we can get ‘em for you. We have tremendous access to the World’s Most Daring minds.

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Kathlyn Heim


Gina Yarrish

Reducing Stress with a 1200 pound Package

Evans Duren

Master of Redefining Success

Dr. William “Bill” Vincent

Educator & Entertainer

Dave Sanderson

Voice of Personal Leadership

Damon D'Amore

Serial Entrepreneur

Bronwen Sciortino

CEO of Keep it Super Simple

AdaPia d’Errico

Principal Alpha Investing

Kevin E. West

Celebrity & Entertainer

Jairek Robbins

Global Influencer

Rolonda Watts

Award-Winning Celebrity

Dylan Slattery

Stage Four 2 on Stage

Mark Worster

Health & Wellness Empowerment