Unique Value Proposition

You need a Solid and Unique Value Proposition, Title and Tag. Applicability and relevance must be really clear right up front. Ask [...]

Stellar Website

If there’s one thing that will allow you to demand big dollars and scale your speaking business, it’s your website. If you [...]

It’s within your reach

It’s Within Your Reach – You Just Have To Want It Badly Enough You can do whatever you set your mind to! [...]

Successful people read on average 60 books per year

Successful people read on average 60-books per year -A list of ten (10) most-read books by leaders. Over and over, we have [...]

Moving up or out

Moving up or out: Habits of successful people Success could mean different things for different folks – money, power, a positive impact. [...]

Why successful people burnout

Do successful people burnout? “Burnout” is a serious issue. What’s even worse is that you hardly see it coming when you’re following [...]

Your dreams are your reality waiting for you to get there

Sharing Your Success Story- Your dreams are your reality waiting for you to get there. A lot of successful people are afraid [...]

Event Professionals

Tips to organizing a successful event

Stages for organizing a successful event There are various challenges that come into play when organizing an event. If you’ve ever organized [...]

Sustaining Post-Event Momentum

Sustaining Post-Event Momentum So much time and energy are put into planning events, leading to post-event hype and a good turn-up, but [...]

Pre Event vs Post Event

Pre Event vs Post Event The last attendee just left the venue. They all had an awesome time at your event. Now [...]

Event Apps will save you Time and Money

Event Apps will save you Time and Money With the world going digital on basically every domain, events aren’t exempted anymore. Organizing [...]

Avoid the Eyelid Abyss

Avoid the Eyelid Abyss You have your venue sorted out. Agenda is ready, but you need the right kind of speakers to [...]





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