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Unique Value Proposition

You need a Solid and Unique Value Proposition, Title and Tag. Applicability and relevance must be really clear right up front. Ask someone who doesn’t know what you do or speak about, if it resonates with them. Have them guess. You will be stunned it may be way different than what you think. A well [...]

Stellar Website

If there’s one thing that will allow you to demand big dollars and scale your speaking business, it’s your website. If you look at the great speakers today they have websites that POP! Websites that say who they are and immediately say they demand high fees. The most asked question we get is how often [...]

It’s within your reach

It’s Within Your Reach – You Just Have To Want It Badly Enough You can do whatever you set your mind to! How often have you heard that statement? Pretty much I guess that you have continually brushed it aside as something you’re being told just to make you feel better. At some point, you [...]

Successful people read on average 60 books per year

Successful people read on average 60-books per year -A list of ten (10) most-read books by leaders. Over and over, we have learned that the most successful people are ardent readers. This is no surprise considering that reading is a transformational habit. In 2016, Bill Gates admitted to reading around 50 books per year in [...]

Moving up or out

Moving up or out: Habits of successful people Success could mean different things for different folks – money, power, a positive impact. However, one thing is certain – nothing worth having comes easy! It doesn’t matter if you are a successful executive, athlete, or entertainer, the process to greatness isn’t different. Successful people have enough [...]

Why successful people burnout

Do successful people burnout? “Burnout” is a serious issue. What’s even worse is that you hardly see it coming when you’re following your passion. It usually involves exhaustion, frustration, stress, health challenges, and lack of motivation. Even highly successful people suffer burnout due to the pressure associated with what they have to handle. While you [...]

Your dreams are your reality waiting for you to get there

Sharing Your Success Story- Your dreams are your reality waiting for you to get there. A lot of successful people are afraid to share the story of their journey with the rest of the world - reason probably being that they’re worried about how people will react to their story. So they try to downplay [...]

Event Professionals

Tips to organizing a successful event

Stages for organizing a successful event There are various challenges that come into play when organizing an event. If you’ve ever organized an event, you would know that there are chances things could still go wrong. Even with your feet underwater, you must try to keep yourself afloat. You don’t want people to notice you’re [...]

Sustaining Post-Event Momentum

Sustaining Post-Event Momentum So much time and energy are put into planning events, leading to post-event hype and a good turn-up, but not many people focus on sustaining that hype when the event is over. Imagine that you could keep the momentum of your just concluded event going on for quite a while. Wouldn’t that [...]

Pre Event vs Post Event

Pre Event vs Post Event The last attendee just left the venue. They all had an awesome time at your event. Now your door is shut. You give a sigh of relief - but that is not where the job ends. In fact, it is only the beginning. You need to invest more in post-event [...]

Event Apps will save you Time and Money

Event Apps will save you Time and Money With the world going digital on basically every domain, events aren’t exempted anymore. Organizing events can be really expensive, considering you have to book a venue, purchase ticket exchange services and more. Even apps are pretty beneficial nowadays as they can save you money and time, not [...]

Avoid the Eyelid Abyss

Avoid the Eyelid Abyss You have your venue sorted out. Agenda is ready, but you need the right kind of speakers to make your event successful. You don’t want to bring people from various works of life just to have them sit under a boring speaker. This is about the most critical part of your [...]





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