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Lee is brilliant.
My nurses were deeply moved inspired and learned practical ways to provide even more compassionate care for their patients and – more importantly – themselves. Book him. Your nurses, your hospital and your patients will all benefit.

Catherine Gabster – MSN, RN, CNL, CNS, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center


  • The Naked Truth About Compassion Is Revealed — A return to the heart of healing
  • 2. From “Burn-out” Back to Brilliance — What cancer taught me about your joy at work


Patient Lee Tomlinson
Cancer Survivor and Founder of the Compassion Heals Movement

“Hearing Lee’s Keynote should be a requirement of every medical and surgical resident. Heck, it should be a requirement of every medical professional. Period!” ~Dr. G. UCLA Medical Center

A stage 3+ cancer survivor, patient-centered care advocate, and corporate customer service expert, Lee Tomlinson is a nationally known thought leader and TEDTalk presenter on compassionate care. Combining his unique constellation of life experiences for the benefit of healthcare organizations, Lee is dedicated to bringing compassionate care back to its rightful place at the forefront of modern medicine.

Professionally, Lee is a former C-Suite executive who owned a legendary Hollywood studio, built another, raised tens of millions of dollars for a national charity, produced a decade of award-winning network Television Specials for CBS and the American Film Institute, and toured the world as a professional athlete.

After a lifetime of extraordinary experiences as a highly successful entrepreneur and life-long customer service consultant, Lee recently battled Stage 3+ throat cancer. His excruciating fight, and encounters with compassion-less care, drove him into a severe depression and serious thoughts of suicide.

Fortunately, a deeply kind, caring and compassionate physician renewed Lee’s will to live and inspired him to author and launch the Compassion Heals Movement. A man on a mission, Lee discovered his true life’s purpose: to inspire, motivate and challenge medical professionals to provide nothing less than their most compassionate care to benefit their patients, colleagues, hospitals and most importantly – themselves.

Through passionate storytelling, evidenced-based research and practical tools, Lee helps healthcare organizations create the culture and practices necessary to provide exceptional patient care, improve patient satisfaction, enhance employee engagement and increase profitability.

Lee now travels globally spreading his message of the life-saving power of compassion to help heal patients and all-too- often suffering medical professionals, while enhancing the bottom line of the healthcare organizations in which their lives intersect.

Lee’s Story
Lee was on the brink of taking his own life towards the end of his cancer treatment. This came from a hospital stay crushingly devoid of the slightest hint of kindness or compassion. Pretty much everything working in his mission to bring the immense, but rapidly disappearing healing power of compassion back to its rightful place at the forefront of modern medicine.

Since that time Lee has delivered over 200+ Keynotes around the World for some of the biggest organizations in Healthcare.

However, at 71 with a history of cancer and the added Covid threat, the time to deliver his message to all 20 million America HCPs, is now. In addition to his 50+ Keynotes annually, Lee makes use of other forms of communication, through a feature-length documentary, a series of educational videos, a podcast, and his book Compassion Cares: From self-care to healthcare to expand his reach and bring the message of self-compassion care to all Health Care Provider’s on a global stage.

Simply, Lee Tomlinson is an advocate for Healthcare Professionals, offering inspiration for self-compassionate care, avoiding burnout and in turn having greater compassionate care for their patients.


Lee will challenge your audience...
That when you Grow Confidence = Grow Results.

This is only a sampling of Lee’s speaking engagements from the past two-years.

  • UCLA Health and Ronald Reagan Hospital Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Intermountain Health Care
  • Hoad Hospital Oncology Nurses Conference Eli Lilly & Co.
  • Scofield Advanced Oncology Nursing Conference
  • Univ Of Iowa Advanced Medical Training Symposium
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Texas Medical Association
  • Regional Cancer Care Assoc., New Jersey Division
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Univ. Of Missouri Nursing School
  • Siemens Medical Imaging National Conference
  • Ohio State University Medical School
  • Oncology Nurse Society Portland Chapter
  • Avera Health
  • Center for Healthcare Management National Conference
  • Levine Cancer Institute Annual Research Academy
  • Salina Regional Health Center
  • California East bay Oncology Nursing Society
  • Baptist Health, Florida
  • Celilo Cancer Center
  • City of Hope
  • Stamford Health


1. Tedx Talk at Eli Lilly Event broadcast worldwide: https://vimeo.com/307184204 (18 Minutes) (2016)

2. Full Keynote Address at National Oncology Nurse Society -- Washington, DC -- 4000+ audience: https://vimeo.com/307184204 (1 Hour) (2019)

3. Burn-out, BACK TO BRILLIANCE (Highlights) https://vimeo.com/421642215 (Produced 2019)

4. The Naked Truth About Compassion is Revealed -- Highlights: https://vimeo.com/188206896/1dab6e8627 (Produced in 2016)

lee_tomlinson_hosp gown

Compassion Heals, From self-care to healthcare

Lee is a contributing author to numerous publications.


Lee has been hospitalized in six different countries. He has broken more than a dozen bones, some as many as three times. His thumb pulled off, toe amputated, numerous skin and bone grafts, treated for more infections and infectious diseases than he can remember. He has been rescued by helicopter from Mount Kenya (after summiting it) and from drowning in the Dead Sea after trying AND succeeding in doing a one and a half flip off his ship but being knocked unconscious after hitting his head on the bow.

Lee is also a producer over a decade of award-winning, Prime-Time, 3-hour television shows for CBS and the American Film Institute celebrating the Centennial of American Movies. In this role he raised $100 million for a major charity, been an owner/operator of one of the most venerated movie studios in Hollywood and another in New Mexico.

Lee’s brag moment is his time as a world-ranked, touring professional tennis player.

Palm Springs, CA

LEE TOMLINSON is available as your next Keynote Speaker, Public Appearance, Fundraising Events, and Podcast Guest.


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