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The Solutions Guy

Kamp is known for his “solutions journalism.” His interviews with world leaders – pioneers across all walks of life are a chronicle of his “scoop” interviews. Pioneers that include Sir Richard Branson, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Deepak Chopra, Rosamund Stone Zander, Johan Rockstrom, and many more.


  • Why we can reverse global warming
  • Stone Paper Revolution
  • Plastic is a Solution, not a Problem
  • The Power of Optimism


Jurriaan Kamp, born and raised in the Netherlands, where he studied International Law at Leyden University, is a California-based Dutch journalist, author, television personality, and environmental activist. Kamp is cited as “The Solutions Guy” known for his interviewing and interest in finding the solutions to problems. As homage to people who are making the world a better place, he named his first magazine Ode. Today Kamp produces the show KAMP SOLUTIONS for PBS Television and publishes a quarterly magazine under the same name.

Kamp began his career as an International Broadcast Journalist who served as Chief Economics Editor and India correspondent for the leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad

Kamp relocated to California in 2004, where he created and produced an international English edition of Ode, allowing news on innovation and solutions to reach all corners of the world. In 2014, Kamp launched a daily online solutions news service, The Optimist Daily.

Since 1995, Kamp is known for his “solutions journalism.” When he wrote his first story on sustainability, he had to explain what the word meant. He wrote about microcredit, long before the topic was discovered as a major instrument to alleviate poverty. Kamp’s special reports have profiled many fascinating people including the first pioneers who built bridges between ancient traditions to modern medicine. His interviews with world leaders from all walks of life are a chronicle of his “scoop” interviews. Pioneers that include Sir Richard Branson, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Deepak Chopra, Rosamund Stone Zander, Johan Rockstrom, among many others.

Kamp has seldom minced words when describing his focus on climate solutions and the regeneration of nature as the next step beyond sustainability to the future of humanity. Kamp has produced and hosted a series on Climate Solutions for KCET (PBS) in Los Angeles and Link TV nationwide. Kamp describes the challenge of climate change as the biggest-ever opportunity to create a healthier, cleaner, and a more just world. Introducing new technologies to reverse global warming will create millions of jobs while regenerating nature.

Kamp is just getting started. His goals are ambitious, as he continues to present Climate Solutions through interviews with 100s of the top entrepreneurs and scientists behind these solutions.
Solutions we all need. We are all constantly being asked to do more with less, so the last thing you need is someone to tell you how difficult your challenges are. Kamp has the unique ability to show that there are many groundbreaking solutions for today’s complex problems waiting to be implemented. He will inspire your audience with a fresh ‘can do’ perspective that goes beyond the conventional doom scenarios, he is the Solutions Guy.

As Kamp likes to say, “there are just not enough problems for the solutions that we have”.
Kamp is more than a story writer; he is a storyteller. Audiences leave Kamp’s keynotes refreshed, relaxed, more optimistic, goal-oriented, and more confident that ever that they are prepared for the road ahead.


[2022] [Release date] The Science of Subtle Energy
[2021] Coffee Solutions
[2021] Light Solutions
[2018] Revision [2021] Plastic Solutions
[2014] The Intelligent Optimist Guide to Life
[2001] Because People Matter
[2017] The Third Dimension
[2003] Small Change [2018] LiFi


[2020] PBS KAMP SOLUTIONS series on reversing global warming three-time Telly Award Recipient
[2021] PBS KAMP SOLUTIONS series on opportunities beyond the COVID19 crisis, two-time Telly Award Recipient
[2008, 2009, 2010, 2011] Ode & The Intelligent Optimist, Maggie Award(s) Recipient


He is a "solutions guy". In a world dominated by challenges and problems, Kamp shows people that as humans we are a very successful problem-solving "machine,” and there is nothing that we like better or that gives more fulfillment to our lives. Audiences are challenges to become a major part of the ‘solution.’


Producer & host of Kamp Solutions, KCET (PBS) Los Angeles & Link TV Nationwide.
University of Colorado, New Hope Network/Informa Markets, and numerous media appearances across multiple platforms.


Kamp had a successful career leading the top newspaper of the country where he was born, The Netherlands. One day he realized that in the newsroom he was mostly digging into problems, figuring out what went wrong and why. That day he decided he was far more interested in how we can make things better than in what went wrong. From his early beginnings starting his own magazine to focus on solutions. That was 25 years ago, and he has never looked back. He is The Solutions Guy.


Santa Barbara, CA

JURRIAAN KAMP is a Global Journalist who is available for lectures, autograph signings, and your next keynote speaker.


New & Emerging Trends, Environment
February 23 2022