Gianna Rojas

One Handed Lady Golfer

Named by the LPGA as one of the TOP 22 Woman “DISRUPTERS” in the Golf Industry.

A world ranked Golfer with a Disability designated by the USGA and, the R&A.

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SPEAKING TOPICS: Diversity, Adaptive Golf from the Golfer’s Perspective.

  • DE&I - Invite disabled to the tables where these discussions are being had. Get their perspective.
  • Mindsets and overcoming limiting beliefs - Always ask yourself HOW can I? instead of Can I?" By doing so you afford yourself the trial and error to accomplish your desired outcomes not just in golf but in all of life. Inspirational
  • Influential "Disruptor" revolutionizing the Golf and Allied Health and Rehabilitative industries with using GOLF as a cognitive and physical therapy.
  • Walking the talk - Gianna as a World Ranked Adaptive Athlete and Golfer with a disability coming from Victim to Victor


Gianna Rojas is the Founder of Adaptive Golfers. For Gianna Rojas, no obstacle is too daunting to tackle. Having been born without fingers on her left hand, Giannais known world-wide as the “One Handed Lady Golfer.” She strives to bring attention to golfing success stories to people with physical, cognitive, sensory, health and age-related challenges. She does not like the word disabled, “We are all able just differently ABLED” says Gianna. Despite her own challenges, she inspires and motivate others to “get out of bed and out of their head” and by sharing her own story she hopes to inspire others who may question their own abilities, “Can I?” to a “How can I?”

Recently named by the LPGA as one of the TOP 22 Woman “DISRUPTERS” in the Golf Industry,

Gianna is the epitome of adaptive empowerment through Golf. She is a Keynote Speaker and Presenter, Brand Ambassador, Advocate, and Adaptive Athlete. The start of 2019 Gianna was selected by the R & A and USGA as a World Ranked Golfer with a Disability. Her passion is contributing to re-imagine the sport to include individuals with cognitive, physical, sensory, health and age-related challenges to make the experience more compelling, engaging, relevant and accessible for Adaptive Athletes, the Golf Industry and Brand Sponsors.

Today, Gianna collaborates, sits on committees and is an active member of many organizations. She represents the USAGA as their Director of Global Brand Awareness. She is also an Adaptive Athlete and a two-time division winner in the Adaptive and Para Long Drives, and on the USA Disabled Team participating in International and National events. You can find her by googling One Handed Lady Golfer or at her website Finally, she has a great sense of humor. She is often heard saying “I don’t keep a Handicap, I have one.”


I ask them to close their eyes at the very beginning and imagine a golfer. Maybe they are standing right next to them in their vision. Look over to the golfer and then open your eyes... I tell them I will tell them why a little later.

Then when I do I ask them to do it again only when they open their eyes did they see me? I give my presentation and show them all sorts of golfers with disabilities thought the presentation and speak about the amazing stories.

Then before we end I ask them to do this one more time and then again did you see me. Most of the time they are not sure what or had no visual. That is a good thing because we all want to just be golfers, some just happen to have this that or the other different with them. I want them to not have a pre-framed visual when I say Picture a golfer.

WE are all golfers if we want to be but more importantly is that we all deserve to be treated that way in Golfand in life


  • Reed Expo - PGA Merchandise Show – Speaker at both the Orlando and Las Vegas shows
  • Abilities Expo - Speaker, exhibitor and presenter
  • National Alliance for Accessible Golf - Speakers Bureau and advisory board member
  • PING - National Female Adaptive Brand Ambassador
  • PGA TOUR - The Northern Trust - Volunteer Spokesperson for the tournament/media personality/Veteran marshal
  • Hole #1
  • Monday after the Masters - VIP/Marshal at hole #1
  • PGA of America - DE&I Advisory Committee
  • LPGA - Approved Education provider
  • EDGA - European Disabled Golf Association - Advocate and US Woman's Ambassador
  • R & A - Woman in Golf Leadership (2021) Program to begin shortly
  • United States Disabled Golf Association - (Volunteer) media and PR personality
  • United States Adaptive Golf Alliance - Director of Global Brand Awareness
  • many more various corporate Inclusion and other industry specific programs


NBC, LPGA Women’s Network, Golf Channel: On her Turf, PGA Tour Superstore, Women’s International Day (New Delhi) Golf Circuit, Amputee Coalition, Women of Golf, Woman & Golf, News 12: New Jersey, Meadowlands USA, Golf Talk Live, The Mighty, Myrtle Beach Sun, Golf Association, Women in Sports, and many more.


Golf, travel, and network with people...oh did we mention Golf!


Oak Ridge, NJ or North Myrtle Beach, SC (All depends on the Golf Season)

GIANNA ROJAS is available to be your next Keynote Speaker, Public Appearance, Master of Ceremonies, Autograph Signings, and Influencer Endorsements.


New & Emerging Trends, Diversity, Personal Development, Performance, Mindset