You have an incredible success story that needs to be shared. We have a powerful brand that will work with you so you can get booked and busy.

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We are not a traditional Speakers Bureau. Talent Concierge is an independent artist label associated with the management of today’s most daring minds – transforming brands into obsessions. Working with successful talent to move them from one stage of life to the next. This includes successful executives, celebrities, athletes, and musicians with a story to share and a strong desire to make a difference in the world.

We care about our people with a personal approach to business. Our discovery process begins with an assessment, a reality check. Your brand is your promise wrapped in an experience. You are the Brand™.


The most asked questions we receive

What is the process to get started?

Talent Concierge® follows a discovery, diagnose, design, deliver methodology. The first step in our engagement begins with a Strategic Vision activity led by our CEO, Jeff Pheiff. This process will take time and work before we begin to introduce you to international planners. These are critical components of our brand promise and the framework for creating a positive experience at every essential touchpoint.

Will the TC team create my marketing collateral for both media, press inquiries, and speaking?

Our founder, Connie Pheiff is a genius when it comes to branding, media and marketing. She knows what it takes to be seen in this highly competitive industry. She will review your material and facilitate the design and development. We find in most cases updates are necessary. You will have a choice of hiring the TC production team or working with another group of your choice.

How quickly can I expect to get booked to speak?

Before booking happens, we work together to develop your lifestyle business. We must first get clear on your brand, marketing collateral, and message. Each of our Talent’s success is based on using your speaker platform to drive customers to your core business. The development process is estimated to take up to six months.

How many engagements will be scheduled per year?

Obviously, there is no way to determine exactly how many engagements we will be able to book in a year. We would love to give some BIG numbers, but I want to be clear with you about managing expectations. Our monthly average is two solid engagements, some months you could expect to be booked heavy and other months booking is light. We are a partnership, in addition to the agencies connections and contact list, we also look to our Talent to also identify opportunities for our team to close.

What are the fees sought after for speakers?

We work with our general population of clients to scale their earnings to over $10K+ per engagement. There are many variables that dictate the fees we get for our talent.

The percentage for speaking engagements seems high. Is this negotiable?

Everything is negotiable. This percentage goes directly to our schedulers. Allowing for adequate resources to get our Talent booked and busy. Booking engagements take time from building relationships with event planners, research, submissions and closing our Talents engagement agreements. The average speaker’s bureau industry rate is 25-38%. We feel that 23% is a fair number

Is ‘anyone” accepted into the artist label family?

We have high standards and will get a bit demanding with our expectations from our talent and event professionals. If there is something we don’t like, we will call it out and we are not afraid to crush ego’s to let someone go that is not performing to our standards. This includes the quality of the brand/marketing collateral and message impact.

What tools are used to maintain the high standards from the Talent and Event professionals?

We will ask our talent to complete an evaluation after each engagement, and the same of the event professional, and the agency talent acquisition team. This allows us to monitor the quality of deliverables we provide the event professional time and time again. And the reason we have excellent relationships with our talent and event organizers.

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