Like every successful business, technology is the cause to continually look for ways to better serve our clients. The events industry is no different. Well for starters, don’t blink. Meetings are growing and evolving rapidly, and each is an experiment in applying new methods to find a perfect formula. Planning successful events has become a science.

To succeed, you have to be dynamic, you have to be flexible, and, above all, you have to be in touch with the needs, wants, and desires of the attendees. It would be so easy if we had a crystal ball that would allow the planners, speakers, entertainers, and agencies to get ahead of the trends and prepare for the unexpected. Until we are able to get back to the future, it takes plain old fashioned Savoir-faire to succeed.

Back in 2017, when I was filling my speaking calendar, the presenter at our National Speakers Association Chapter meeting shared the future industry performance trends. At that time she said, “demand will outpace supply. That is exactly what we are experiencing.

Although, the turnaround from the first introduction to closing the deal will range to a few days to a few months, something we have no control over. But, with that said it is reported that in 2019 there is an unprecedented rose in demand for meetings and events to continue, with CWT Meetings & Travel predicting robust 5-10% growth in demand.

“Demand continues to outpace the supply of meetings-eligible hotels. The demand for meetings, which includes accommodation, is going to be significantly challenged by a lack of inventory. Continuing industry consolidation means fewer options for buyers and that will push prices up.”

-Nathan Brooks, Senior Director and Global Lead, Supplier Management, CWT Meetings & Events

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The agency team is expanding to serve you better. We handle this commitment the old fashioned way, by putting our money, energy, and focus where our mission guides us. But if you know where we can get our hands on a Crystal Ball…