Elite Mentoring and Personalized Performance

Working with the World’s Most Daring Minds who are keeping the passion of life activated.


Pheiff Group, Inc. is a highly recognized as a business architect agency in the brand-marketing category providing elite mentoring and personalized performance goals for today’s most daring minds using our mission and values as our guiding principles.

Mission: Turning SUCCESS into PROFIT for today’s most Daring Minds

Culture Code: FREEDOM

Today’s business leaders are passionate about how they live. The desire to live where they want, work with whom they want, and make the kind of income they want goes beyond the 9-5. Business leaders will build their lifestyle around their work. Whether they are leading a seminar, writing their next novel, speaking to a crowd of thousands, or mentoring a colleague their unique taste and lifestyle, it’s an obsession; and Pheiff Group is in the business of feeding that obsession. It’s a FREEDOM thing, and we understand.

Pheiff Group, Inc. handles this commitment the old fashioned way, by putting our money, energy, and focus where our mission statement and values guides us.


Being truthful, honest, and able to admit when you are wrong. Holding self to consistent ethical standards and having a strong moral compass.


Being a role model and seen by others as a good example to follow. Practice what you preach and perform the actions that you claim.


Being innovative and resourceful and willing to take risks. Think outside the box and plan for the future.


Caring more about helping your team succeed over individual success. Accepting and valuing our differences. Working together to accomplish a common goal.


Being accountable and trustworthy. Making rational and moral decisions. Always considering how your actions and behavior may impact others around you.


Have fun and don’t take it too seriously.


Communication is our key to success!  We talk about everything. That keeps us allup to date about our Talent and Clients. The more we know about them the more we can customize programs for each group.

PG is a continuous learning environment. We always look to improve processes and procedures wherever we can. Recommendations for changes are always encouraged.

If a question arises, it is always better to ask for input from other members of our team so that we share our experience and knowledge. If it is a new procedure, we create the process together so that everyone shares input and insight.

We document the process along the way so that anyone who opens a file in the shared *Dropbox folder will know what has been done and can answer any questions about where we are in the sales cycle. That includes follow up calls from evaluations, conference submissions and detailed follow up. Next steps are to be included with a reminder date and time for the follow up.