Event Apps will save you Time and Money

With the world going digital on basically every domain, events aren’t exempted anymore. Organizing events can be really expensive, considering you have to book a venue, purchase ticket exchange services and more. Even apps are pretty beneficial nowadays as they can save you money and time, not just for the attendee, but also for the organizers. In this article, we look at a few ways an event app can save you time and cost.

Printing cost

Eliminating your printing cost is one of the biggest ways event apps can spare your time and save you thousands in cash. Printing can be inconvenient and time-consuming. If your event is a really big one, you might have to spend more on printing than you would on an event app. That’s not the only problem, however. What if you need to change the details of an event to suit the schedule or sequence of the speaker you are inviting? You would have to reprint and go through the process all over. This accumulates more printing costs. The flexibility of mobile apps strictly designed for events can simplify the process of storing and distribution of information required for an event.

You can bypass costly mistakes or changes

Printing and distributing your event program doesn’t mean you’re completely safe. Cases could arise where you need to reschedule after printing. Even worse, you could make a mistake that requires re-printing. You don’t want to deplete your event budget on printing and reprinting of materials. Using an event app would simply require real-time updating and pushing it out, without incurring any extra costs. This helps minimize the risk of sending out an outdated program owing to last-minute changes. You don’t want to risk your reputation by giving out wrong event info.

Digital exposure for sponsors

While event apps cost money, sponsors would rather have you opt for them, since some of these apps allow for their logo to be entrenched in the header section. This is surely better than spending thousands of dollars printing their logo on paper, as these sponsor logos can simply take attendees to sponsor information, website or even lead to a purchase. This kind of networking apps is quite beneficial to sponsors and can generate more revenue for the organizer.

More networking, more value

Event apps are definitely important to sponsors and attendees that are looking to get more leads. By offering features for interaction and networking, sponsors can match with attendees who have similar interests thereby increasing possibilities of them turning customers. As an organizer, when sponsors find customers through your event, there is certainly a higher chance that they will return, ultimately increasing your income.

Advert from Sponsors

An event app does not just save you money; it can help increase your revenue through sponsorship ads. Make your sponsors advertise through your event app and watch your revenue increase alongside an increase in their audience.

Cut down on event staffing

Why hire more staff to set up registration and provide check-in services when these can be done via the app? You won’t need people sitting on check-in tables if you integrate registration and ticketing into an event app.

Now you know some of the ways an event app can save you time and money!

Are you currently using event apps? Do you have some great strategies of your own when it comes to ease and cost savings for your events – how do you implement them?

Let us know in the comments.

~Connie Pheiff, Founder & Chair, TalentConcierge.co