Eliot Marshall

Celebrity Speaker. Martial Artists [MMA]. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
Professional Development Trainer

Eliot Marshall has helped hundreds become more successful and he will do the same for your company!
Organizations across the country will trust Marshall to empower their leadership and sales teams with the type of mindset & performance training found in professional sports teams—Performance training essential to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment.
Your team will learn to leverage the same principles sports superstars use to excel against their competitors.

SPEAKING TOPICS are best for leadership and sales teams.

  • The Three Commitments of a Winning Team: Starts with Getting Good with Failure
  • Zandaka: Leadership & Team Mastery of the 7 Areas of Life


Each lesson reveals an insight or revelation which has a practical application in life, career, relationship, goal achievement, success, and fulfillment. The possibilities will inspire audience members to integrate the lessons into their personal and professional lives to show up masterfully.
We can choose to live in misery and mediocrity, but when we live in mastery, we take command of our leadership and lean into excellence. The question then becomes, how do we secure our sense of balance? Through a strong mind, body, and spirit relationship, one that keeps us centered and anchors us in wholeness.

These learnings are best when implemented in leadership and sales teams.

Attendees will learn …

⦁ Tangible and implementable tools to communicate more effectively.
⦁ A mindset to critically think through high-pressure situations by staying calm and composed.
⦁ A better understanding of each team member and where they desire to take their personal and professional lives.
⦁ Clear direction of balancing the benefits and drawbacks of the team choices.


Eliot Marshall is a prolific competitor as a professional mixed martial artist (MMA) and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Amal Easton. Coming through the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt system Eliot became the first American to earn IBJJF Pan American titles as a blue, purple, and brown belt.

While climbing the ranks of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Eliot entered the world of mixed martial arts in 2006, eventually competing in TUF and then signing with the UFC, the most prestigious MMA promotion in the world. In 2011, after a few ups and downs with his MMA career, Marshall decided to hang up his gloves and open training centers across the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, formally named Easton Training Center along with his coach Amal Easton.

It wasn’t long before Marshall went on to further success as an entrepreneur, Podcast host, and world-class speaker, trainer, and author. He teaches industry leaders, teams, and individuals how to outsmart, outlast, and outperform their competition and achieve record-breaking success.

Today Marshall applies the powerful leadership and teamwork skills he honed during his career to empower organizations like yours. Marshall will help your leaders eradicate the barrier getting in the way of success and achieve your team's full potential. He offers his commitment throughout his message to discover your passion, find your power, and give your purpose to the WORLD.

Marshall brings his strong business background and BA in mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder to each of his business projects.


When your audience experiences Eliot Marshall, he will make you believe that you can achieve anything. He will show your what real strength through failure looks like. Letting you know that it is okay to struggle… and offer the exact steps he used to keep forging through. Sales teams Love Eliot!


Marshall loves to entertain, especially at his home in Maui (where he splits his time), with his love of cooking… especially barbeque.


Denver, Colorado

ELIOT MARSHALL is a Celebrity Athlete who will have your audience thanking you for making a wise choice to invite him to take center stage. He is available for public appearances, master of ceremonies, autograph signings, keynote speaker, and endorsement campaigns.



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