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William ‘Bill’ Vincent Ed.D
Entrepreneur. Educator . Entertainer .  Mentor . Activist

  • Educator (8-Time Instructor of the Year)
  • Former NFL Wide Receiver
  • Collegiate Football Coach
  • Collegiate Athlete


  • Embracing Change & Transformation: Breakthrough Innovation & Creativity
  • Harmony & Belonging: Diversity, Inclusion & Black History
  • Leadership: Vulnerability, Bravery, & Courage
  • Teamwork & Performance: Boosting Productivity & Culture
  • Sporting Successes & Coaching High Performance Teams


Dr. Bill is a true renaissance man, a premier celebrity speaker, entertainer, educator, athlete & family man… inspiring each day with his music and motivation! Dr. Bill helps leaders #TwoBeBetter in their personal and professional life.

Dr. Bill was named Faculty of Distinction eight times during tenure at Riverside Community College. During the same period Dr. Bill went onto serve administratively as a Department Chair of Math, Science, and Computer information systems. Dr. Bill regularly speaks for America’s top organizations.

Dr. Bill challenges audiences to ask themselves thought-provoking questions to get them to self-discover a more effective behavioral patterns to being about a desired change #TwoBeBetter.

Educator Content

Dr. Bill Vincent’s professional career began as a high school Health Science teacher, while coaching football after an extraordinary career as a standout football and baseball player in high school that earned him a football scholarship to the University of Oregon, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Health Education.

His successful years at Oregon earned him a short opportunity to participate in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks. While teaching and coaching at the high school level for 3 years, he began teaching Health Science and coaching football at Cerritos College, followed by a 5 year coaching position at Iowa State University.

After leaving Iowa State University, he returned home to Southern California to begin his 20-year career as an Associate Professor of Health Science and football coach at Riverside Community College where he assisted in leading the team to several successful years, including 4 conference championships, 2 state championships and one National Championship.

Dr. Bill was elected “Faculty of Distinction” 8 times during his faculty tenure at Riverside Community College and went on to serve administratively as a Department Chair of Math, Science, and Computer Information systems, while simultaneously developed and implemented the Inland Empire Faculty Internship Program. He has served at the Executive level of Community College administration for the past 12 years, in the capacity of the Vice President of Instruction, and most recently served as the Vice President of Student Services at Mt. San Jacinto College.


Dr. Bill isn’t afraid to take on a new challenge. Before being cut during preseason, Dr. Bill played wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. Throughout his career he was always challenging himself to do better, which he found in education.  His commitment to leadership and team sports kept him on the field, but this time he was the coach and mentor to young men. His success comes from seeing the young men mature with strong values.

Mentor & Activist

From his work in the classroom to the field, Dr. Bill’s work does not stop there. He is a genuine mentor and entrepreneur. As founder of The Vincent Foundation, Inc. (2BEbetter.org) with a mission to Empower continual Improvement to enhance the leadership mindset of parents, students, faculty, corporate executives, and administrators by providing equal access to vital resources across all communities. With his wife they provides programs titled Parenting Concepts.

He is thankful for the opportunities he has received and is a servant leader giving back through his entertainment; trumpet player for over 40-years, piano player, vocalist, and member of the Bromatics group that actively performs around the country. Currently, Dr. bill is coaching Football in China.

Dr. Vincent will continue to teach, motivate, and mentor as it is his life’s purpose and passion to improve the life of others. He has made it his personal mission to help leaders, specifically men, #TwoBeBetter.

Family Man

Dr. Bill admits he would be nothing without the support of his family. Both children are physicians. Dr. Bill also writes and produces his daughters medical reality show My OC Podiatrist.


Dr. Bill isn’t boring; a successful College Athlete; Division 1 College Football Coach; Health Science Professor; Instructor of the Year Academic Award (x8 years); Rich musical background as trumpet player over 40-years, piano, vocalist, and actively performs with the Bromatics; Currently coaching Football in China; Entrepreneur and Business Owner.


Los Angeles, CA

DR. WILLIAM VINCENT is available for public appearances, Master of Ceremonies, Fundraising events, sports commentator, autograph signings, keynote speaker, and influencer endorsements.





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