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The fitness and personal development industry is filled with big names promising that their program is the latest and greatest way to achieve long-lasting results. The truth is that every program WILL produce results IF you do the work! Consistency over time is what will generate long lasting results. The key to consistency? Family.

Danny Farrar brings family to each of his programs allowing you to be encouraged from the inside out.


  • Heads Down, Horns Up!: How To Charge The Storms Of Life
  • Heads Down, Horns Up: How to Bust Through Sales Plateaus


Farrar has lived the lows and highs common to many veterans following their tours of duty, and he founded Platoon 22 in 2014 to help stem the tragic lows that have overwhelmed too many of our military heroes. The nonprofit organization works to reduce incidents of veteran suicides by empowering them and our nation’s first responders through a variety of programs and services, and it partnered in 2019 with Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley on a two million capital campaign for a Veterans Services Center in Frederick, Md.

His work on the facility, which will best in class transitional support for our warfighters and their families throughout the Mid-Atlantic, is a natural fit for this U.S. Army veteran and former firefighter, who has dedicated his life to helping his brothers and sisters following their tours of duty.

Farrar joined the Army as an infantryman shortly after graduating high school, and he served on the first unit that went into the Pentagon during the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He completed a combat tour in Iraq in 2005-06 as part of an eight-year career in the military, which took its toll upon returning home in the form of a period of homelessness and, worse, an attempted suicide.

Through a connection in the Mixed Martial Arts community, he started Soldierfit in 2007. As its CEO, he has expanded the workout facility franchise from its single home to 15 locations in several states that employ more than 100 people. Soldierfit trainers combine principles of Army boot camp with modern exercise best practices, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce named Soldierfit its 2016 Eastern Region Small Business of the Year.

Farrar previously served on the VetFran Committee, which helps to connect franchise owners with military veterans, and captained Maryland’s chapter of the International Franchise Association’s Franchise Action Network. The Maryland Daily Record in 2013 named him to its Top 40 Under 40 VIP list for his professional accomplishments and commitment to inspiring change in his community, The Military Do-gooder award, named one of the top 50 CEO's in Frederick, MD, and was most recently awarded the Baltimore Raven's community quarterback award for his work with Platoon 22.


What is one thing that you and your team have in common?

We've all experienced some form of trauma, and we will experience it again. Your team brings their life experiences to work. It affects not only themselves but your team members. It changes how they face current and future challenges within your business.

The most important resource you can give your team are the tools to push through challenges so that your company can reap the rewards on the other side.

Danny was given away by his parents, molested, and graduated at rock bottom from high school. He took the first team into the Pentagon on 9-11. He did a combat tour in Iraq, then transitioned horribly from service. He got fired, divorced, evicted, became homeless, ultimately attempting suicide, and got locked up in a psych ward.

He knows trauma.

He also knows how to charge the storms of life, and win.

Now, he owns Soldierfit, a successful franchise company, and directs the Platoon Veterans Service Center, the first of its kind to provide best-in-class transitional support. He is also a proud dad of two daughters.

Takeaways: Danny helps teams learn how to charge life's storms and win, personally and professionally. Danny works great with Sales Teams.

Attendees will learn … 

  • What it takes to have a perspective shift when it comes to overcoming rejections or disappointments. 
  • A better understanding of each team member and where they desire to take their personal and professional lives.
  • Clear direction of balancing going through the storms of life and how to balance it all.

Danny Will Challenge Your Audience...

To accept that no one cares. No one is coming. It's up to you.


Danny has been in gun fights, MMA fights, and fought fires!


Frederick, MD

DANNY is available for keynote speaking, public appearances, master of ceremonies, autograph signings, and endorsement campaigns.

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