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Evans Duren

Position: Master of Redefining Success


Man of Faith | Entrepreneur | Dares to be Extraordinary

-  Sales Veteran
-  Difference Maker
-  High Producer Fortune 15 Healthcare & Tech Startup

FEE RANGE: $12,000 - $40,000

Topics: Transactional Sales

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Why you should hire Evans Duren for your next event? He is a sales veteran with real world experience as a high producer in both Fortune 15 American and the Tech Startup space that doesn’t care how much you sell if you aren’t making an impact beyond the transaction. Sales teams have talent, unique gifts and skills… as the corporate leader, what are you doing to leverage your team fully for them and those you serve?

The five critical take-a-way every audience receives from Evans.

  1. Never forget your family is your most important customer!
  2. Quit letting the definitions, standards, and expectations of other people dictate what success looks like in your life.
  3. Anyone can be ordinary… Dare to be extraordinary!
  4. The customer is not always right | “It’s Just Business” is a shield for weak character.
  5. A life lived without making a difference is a life wasted.

Your audience is challenged: Every person is a unique creation with our own set of gifts, skills and talents. So the question is what are you supposed to do? What are you supposed to do with what you have been given, with the time you have available? Not just in the marketplace, but in your home, team, organization and community. How does that translate to true success?

Your audience will learn: You don't have to do something significant in order to be significant. You are the only one of you out of 7.6B people on this planet, and that in itself makes you significant. You don't have to live out the world's definitions, standards and expectations of your life to be successful. But you do have to live out who YOU were created to be.

When Evans was eighteen, Evans Duren knew he wanted to serve others in the marketplace through his public speaking, coaching and writing. Rather than diving into that dream immediately, he followed the path of success as outlined by the world around him. Since then, he has worked with hundreds of clients, suppliers and organizations across the country as a top sales producer earning regional and national awards.

What started out as an opportunity to build a career in sales has turned into an undying passion to serve others beyond a transaction. Evans knows business is about so much more than revenues, profits and market share. Sales has provided him a platform to engage his clients well after the sale is made, building genuine relationships that blur the line between the marketplace and personal life.

For someone who once believed he had to do something significant in order to be significant, Evans has come to realize the person he was chasing was not at all who he needed to be. Now he is on a mission to help others rEDefine success in their lives, as he has in his own, rather than live out someone else's definitions, standards and expectations. His purpose is to serve others in the marketplace with a desire to stand alongside them in their victories, losses, struggles and triumphs.

"I have known many men and women in my career that are wildly successful on paper, and at the same time are truly miserable outside of their work. They have the money, the cars, awards, accolades properties ... yet they are missing peace, happiness and some have even lost their families. Their worth has become associated with the value they bring to their company."

Evans Duren has spent his career building and supporting business territories within both the Fortune 15 and Tech Startup spaces. He owns and operates a speaking and coaching business, CARE 2 Succeed, and resides in Blythewood, South Carolina with his wife Jamye, and two sons, Clark and Wyatt. His family remains his most important customer.

Evans Duren landed his first job with a Fortune 15 company in a pair of pants he bought at his local Goodwill for five dollars and he hand-me-down shoes.

English and a bit of French

Thrive Global, Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, The Connie Pheiff Show, Thrive Loud with Lou Diamond and numerous Podcast, Internet Radio, and Print applications.

Evans Duren is available for public appearances, Master of Ceremonies, Fundraising events, autograph signings, speaking, and Influencer endorsements.

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