Talent Concierge® (TC) is a brand of Pheiff Group, Inc. one of the leading Talent and entertainment agency. We work with the World’s Most Daring Minds, who keep the passion of life activated. They are our Masters of Talent™ (MOT). We deliver on our promise that YOU are the BRAND™ and we relentlessly work with our Talent to create a successful lifestyle business, until they get it right.

Who we are

sticky-talent-concierge-header-logo-search copyTalent Concierge is an independent artist label associated with the management of today’s most daring minds – transforming brands into obsessions. Working with successful talent to move them from one stage of life to the next. This includes successful executives, celebrities, athletes, and musicians with a story to share and a strong desire to make a difference in the world.

The label will manage brands, trademarks, coordinate production, marketing promotion, media, and enhance the artist [talent’s] message through our 1:1 mentor programs, training, open-door engagements, and world-class showcase, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists and maintaining contracts with event professionals and their clients.

Within the mainstream ‘speaker industry,’ speakers [artists] have traditionally been reliant upon speaker bureaus to broaden their consumer base, market their collateral, and be both promoted and heard on today’s largest platforms. As a leader in the industry, a label, Talent Concierge provides much more by training, mentoring, setting the standards on and off the speakers platform. We assist our artist in gaining positive media coverage and produce events throughout the year where our artist have the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of thousands of decision makers – from live events to virtual streaming around the globe. Our Talent are our #1 priority.

Our founders have over 30 years of executive leadership and proud of our business model. We don’t tell our artist what to do, we show our Talent the ‘how’ that it takes to become successful. We take out the isolation of figuring it out on your own.

Our practice is to enter into an exclusive agreement with an artist to market. The upfront fees cover the cost of the trainings, media, 1:1 mentor programs, and marketing. On the back side, when the artist is booked for a gig, the Label receives a commission on the speaker’s fee and in some cases product sales.

Our agreements are based on the package selection. Established successful artist have the opportunity to renegotiate an agreement at the time of renewal.

We are a NO FEE Label, which means we do not charge an additional fee to the event professional, which is standard practice in the industry. This is important to know when negotiating speaker fees.

We are a boutique artist Label that cares about our people. We take a personal approach to business. We have a variety of packages to fit every budget.

This label is not for the fly-by-night set – nor the faint of heart. You won’t find any get rich schemes. It’s for those who genuinely believe they have what others need and ready to make an impact. If that’s your goal, then we want to work with you. This requires patience, dedication to your craft, and empathy. Building trust is paramount. In fact it’s absolutely essential to your success.

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Masters of Talent, Showcase

MOT Showcase is an annual event that allows our Talent to display their skills virtually around the world. The Showcase helps our Talent launch and manage strong brands.

Masters of Talent, Masters Class

MOT Masters Class is our intensive Brand Studio providing where learning the highs and lows of a professional speaker; business development and the powerful tool of leveraging a speaker platform to attract customers to a core business. Talent receive live coaching and expert critique that is captured to video.

Masters of Talent, Roundtable

MOT Roundtable allows our Talent to surround themselves with successful, big-thinking people. Trusted advisors and a sounding board fostering discourse and opening doors to ever-greater success.

MOT Business Services

The world’s most prestigious companies look to TC for business and brand marketing to help scale their international brands.


Talent Concierge follows a discovery, diagnose, design, deliver methodology. 

We begin by using a disciplined discovery process.  We work with our talent, asking them questions, such as: Who am I? Why does it matter? Why would someone hire me to speak or entertain at their next event?

methodology We take the process of inviting talent to join our agency seriously. We seek the World’s Most Daring minds who are in alignment with the Masters of Talent philosophies to achieving success.

We begin by using a disciplined discovery process. We work with our talent, asking them questions, such as: Who am I? Why does it matter? Why would someone hire me to speak or entertain at their next event?

These are critical components of a brand promise and the framework for creating a positive experience at every essential touchpoint.

The discovery begins with an assessment, a reality check. Your brand is your promise wrapped in an experience. YOU are the BRAND!

This step cannot be overlooked no matter the size of the challenge faced. Decisions can then be made based on rational thought process. More often traditional practices or positions are challenged and very often “aha’s” occur.

discovery continues to information diagnosis. The assessment phase of the process is complete and data has been amassed. The information diagnosis provides a framework for moving forward. Outcome expectations are now realistic and measurable. discovery answers the question. Through the discovery process we diagnose your promise with clarity and focus. The agency can now effectively match the talent and event professionals.

The answers will be clear, even obvious, because discovery will reveal YOU are the BRAND – a promise wrapped in an experience. Time to design and implement the strategy to get you seen.





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