Working with TC

Talent Concierge represents the World’s Most Daring Minds who are keeping the passion of life activated. 

Have you succeeded in your career and hungry for more? Then TC is the place for you. You receive 1:1 Mentorship, strategic brand, marketing, business assessment, and as a bonus our schedulers and publicist team get you booked and busy.

Our boutique artist agency is positioned to operating as a strategic marketing, sales manager, business builder mentor, and giving our clients access to key contacts. We are not order takers, we are order makers.

Introducing Yourself to Talent Concierge for representation:

As you can imagine we have request daily from today’s most daring minds contacting us seeking representation. It could be tricky to get our attention if you fall into the black hole. To get noticed, follow our simple process to get our attention.

Start by being so incredible that we hear about you through the scuttlebutt. Connect with us on Social Media, our favorite platforms are Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you’re not already established as a professional talent, but have your heart set on building a new career path and met our criteria, we can set you up with one of our expert lifestyle business coaches who will work with you to create a powerful brand and set you up for representation. If you have your marketing material ready, have perfected your craft, could do with a little extra business coaching, and meet our client criteria then you are ready to be represented by the Talent Concierge.

Personal Connection:

We welcome personal introductions. The introduction adds to your credibility. If you have a colleague that knows and respects your work that we have a relationship with, ask them make the introduction directly with the TC.

Maintain a strong presence on your Social Platforms. Whether its LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Connect with @ConniePheiff and let us see you in action.

Send us a personal note when you’re performing in the Los Angeles area. We will travel if invited on your nickel, to see you perform live. We love to see talent in action. It helps make our decision to represent you easier.

Your Demo-Reel

No Exception: You must have a dynamic demo video. A dynamic video is highly effective to getting you booked. This will not eliminate you from representation, but it will slow the process of getting you the kind of speaking engagements you deserve. We can refer you to many awesome videographers here in Los Angeles and NYC if needed, otherwise you can look for someone in your local community.

Your Marketing Collateral

There is no easy way to put it, your marketing material must be professionally produced. It must clearly communicate your talent and what you will bring to an event, public appearance, or endorsement. Our dedicated team of experts, combined have over 25-years of experience. They understand what works and what does not work to get you booked. Once your talent deck and press kit is ready, then the chances of receiving representation with the Talent Concierge will enhance greatly. Each of our client’s marketing collateral designed by our Agency will be branded with the Talent Concierge representation mark and contact information.