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Whether you’re looking to hire a 10K+ Motivational Speaker, Celebrity, C-Suite Executive, Athlete, Best Selling Author, Humanitarian, Activist, Comedian and Entertainer, the Talent Concierge agency has you covered. We represent the World’s Most Daring Minds who are keeping the passion of life activated.

“I’ve been on both sides from an international speaker to hiring big talent as a CEO. I know who and what will make an impact for your next event.”

Connie Pheiff      –     CEO & Founder

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Client Image I just wanted to take a quick moment to share how wonderful it is to work with Connie Pheiff and Talent Concierge. She is a true professional from the beginning to the end. If I were asked to pick a handful of words to describe her, I immediately think of: flexible, accommodating, friendly, professional, focused, intuitive, and resourceful. She is extremely thorough in asking questions and very in tune to the topic of the client’s meeting and how her speakers will add significant value.  She is “hands on” with her clients and makes sure I am prepped before I engage with the audience. After working with Connie and Talent Concierge  I would strongly recommend her for any of your future events, and if you are a speaker, if you come in with a heart to serve, Talent Concierge is the place for you!

  • Dave Sanderson
  • Dave Sanderson Speaks International

Client Image "I have been working with a Connie and her team for under six months. In that short amount of time she and her team have more than produced. I have had my book edited, published, website built and managed, head shots completed, and speaking engagements booked! I can not say enough positive comments about Connie, her dedication, expertise, and her professionalism. What makes her unique is her ability to identify and work with the goals that are most important to her client. can’t help but gain a new friend in Connie...when you meet her, you will understand!"

  • Kathlyn Heim
  • Speaker and Coach


 Talent Concierge follows a discovery, diagnose, design, deliver methodology. 

We begin by using a disciplined discovery process.  We work with our talent, asking them questions, such as: Who am I? Why does it matter? Why would someone hire me to speak or entertain at their next event?

methodology We take the process of inviting talent to join our agency seriously. We seek the World’s Most Daring minds who are in alignment with the Masters of Talent philosophies to achieving success.

We begin by using a disciplined discovery process. We work with our talent, asking them questions, such as: Who am I? Why does it matter? Why would someone hire me to speak or entertain at their next event?

These are critical components of a brand promise and the framework for creating a positive experience at every essential touchpoint.

The discovery begins with an assessment, a reality check. Your brand is your promise wrapped in an experience. YOU are the BRAND!

This step cannot be overlooked no matter the size of the challenge faced. Decisions can then be made based on rational thought process. More often traditional practices or positions are challenged and very often “aha’s” occur.

discovery continues to information diagnosis. The assessment phase of the process is complete and data has been amassed. The information diagnosis provides a framework for moving forward. Outcome expectations are now realistic and measurable. discovery answers the question. Through the discovery process we diagnose your promise with clarity and focus. The agency can now effectively match the talent and event professionals.

The answers will be clear, even obvious, because discovery will reveal YOU are the BRAND – a promise wrapped in an experience. Time to design and implement the strategy to get you seen.


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