YOU are the BRAND™

We Believe in Celebrating the Immeasurable Power of our Talent. Honoring all artist is at the heart of everything we do.

Connie Pheiff
“I started this brand because I wanted to eliminate the idea that every Talent is created equal. To remind event planners and C-Suite executives that our Talent Mean Business and are ready to deliver five-star events each and every time they step center stage. Whoever said all artist are alike have never met Talent represented by Talent Concierge™.”


Within the mainstream ‘speaker industry,’ speakers [artists] have traditionally been reliant upon speaker bureaus to broaden their consumer base, market their collateral, and be both promoted and heard on today’s largest platforms.

Talent Concierge provides much more by training and mentoring – setting the standards on and off the speakers platform.


We are a boutique artist Label that cares about our people. We take a personal approach to business and have a variety of packages to fit every budget.

For years, we have been working with influencers and partnering with brands that leads to greater exposure for our clients. Reaching millions through digital, linear, and nonlinear distribution channels, many of our Talent cross over into Keynote Speaking, film, TV, commercials, books, Podcast, and endorsements.

We achieve these results through

1 On 1 Mentor Programs

Become Extraordinary. Get more done, be a leader of leaders, gain clarity, develop your skills faster, get answers to your specific questions, find the joy and happiness in doing what you love.

UB10x Coaching

Is this as good as it gets? If you’re asking yourself this question, it’s time to jump in. It’s all about discovering your full potential, owning your authenticity, getting rid of everything that’s slowing you down and create a business with the most delicious life possible for you.

Masters of Talent®, Showcase

Give event professionals a sneak peek behind the curtain and leave them wanting more from as they revel in delight of the Masters of Talent, Showcase. This signature event is held each year in a professional studio and transmitted around the globe to thousands of event planners. This event was virtual before virtual was a ‘thing.’

UB10x Roundtable

We love to hang out with individuals who play at the highest level. Become part of this exclusive group. Develop your skills, get answers, learn best business practices and network with today’s Influencers and Brand Personalities.


Our founders have over 30 years of executive leadership and are proud of our business model. We show our Talent the ‘how’ that it takes to become successful. We take out the isolation of figuring it out on your own.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Bill Vinsent

Bill Vincent, EdD

Educator, Performance Speaker, Personal Development Coach

Connie is an amazing coach

“Connie is an amazing coach that truly brings out the very best in yourself, which ultimately benefits others! If you’re at a turning point in your career and need a high-performance coach in our corner, you want to be working with Connie, she will be your most trusted advisor.”


Gina Yarrish

President & Missy Wallis, COO, Yarcort

Working with Jeff & Connie was a game-changer

“Working with Jeff & Connie on our strategy was a game-changer. Never before has our clarity, execution, communication, and trust been better. They gently pushed us through-provoking questions that have changed everything for our business and taken us to our A-Game. You guys truly delivered.”


Evans Duren

Christian Speaker and Coach

“I trust Connie like she’s family because as far as I’m concerned, she is! Yes…Connie has built an incredible agency, knows the industry inside & out, does so much to promote and grow our brands and businesses… But more than that, she stands beside her folks and guides us through the ups & downs of the business as we navigate new waters. She’s a coach, encourager, honest critic when needed, and someone who genuinely wants to see us change the world by doing the very things we love and was created to do.”


Kathlyn Heim, R.N., B.S.

Educator, Transformation Speaker, Personal Development Coach

Working with Connie is a dream

“I was able to produce more working with Connie in six months than I could ever imagine. I have had my book edited, published, a website built and managed, headshots completed, and speaking engagements booked! I cannot say enough positive comments about Connie, her dedication, expertise, and professionalism. What makes her unique is her ability to identify and work with the goals that are most important to her client. And… one can’t help but gain a new friend in Connie…when you meet her, you will understand!”


TALENT CONCIERGE is for those who genuinely believe they have what others need and who are ready to make an impact in the world. If that’s your goal, then we want to work with you!


Within the mainstream ‘speaker industry,’ speakers [artists] have traditionally been reliant upon speaker bureaus to broaden their consumer base, market their collateral, and be both promoted and heard on today’s largest platforms.